The Ever Increasing Rise of Energy Bills

In the UK the cost of living is on the rise and so are energy bills. Many businesses have already seen this increase first hand and it is feared that small and medium sized businesses may struggle to afford their bills. Looking at the data from ofgem, the household energy price cap have seen a rise of 54% totaling a £693 increase. How can we help you battle these rising costs?

OpenSmartMonitor – by Devtank offer environmental monitoring for businesses including installation packages. By using our ENV01 you are enabled to monitor your energy usage across your business and use the data it collects to make changes. These changes could be simple things as to turning off machinery when it’s not being used or even finding ways to use less energy to power certain machines. How do you see this data and utilize it in this way? All of the collected data is uploaded on to a dashboard via the LoRaWAN system that the ENV01 uses. This allows you to see live data and compare data across weeks or months, helping you easily visualise where energy is being used the most and guiding you to the first steps of lowering that usage. The percentage of savings the ENV01 can provide you all depends on how well you monitor your energy over time and also what parameters you are using. Typically we have seen savings range between 10% and %25 of your annual energy consumption after a period of initial monitoring and the improvements to efficiency are endless as you can build in enhanced monitoring and control of key assets to further improve your efficiency. Find our more about our ENV01 via our FAQs page.

As experts and researchers are expecting energy bills to rise even more in the coming months, there is no better time to start thinking about environmental monitoring! There are also rising concerns and pressure for businesses to become more eco-friendly, especially after the UK saw temperatures of up to 40 degrees recently. As our environmental sensor can measure multiple parameters such as; Electricity usage, Water usage, Light levels, Temperature, Air quality and more, we believe we can help your business strive towards net-zero and a better working environment for your employees. 



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