Indoor Air Quality & Energy Monitors

OpenSmartMonitor is the swiss army knife of LoRaWAN enabled sensors designed from the ground up to support decarbonisation and environmental monitoring of your buildings and assets. This Open Source design packs in a comprehensive range of useful measurements maximising value for money. Turnkey monitoring and control solutions are offered by Devtank which include intelligent dashboards and cloud-based hosting services


The OpenSmartMonitor ENV-01 RevA is an open source environmental sensor developed to monitor a multitude of parameters within your business, using the LoRaWAN long range robust wireless standard. 

Measurement Options

Our OSM ENV-01 sensor is capable of measuring the following:

  • Sound Level (dB)
  • Light (Lux)
  • Temperature (DegC)
  • Humidity (%RH)
  • Air Quality (PM2.5 and PM10)
  • Pulse input for Water and Electricity consumption meters
  • MODBUS (RS485) Communication input for external energy meters.

*Note you do not have to enable all of the above parameters on every sensor but the hardware is capable of measuring the above parameters from a single combined sensor. We will survey your premises and advise on the quantity and potential locations for best coverage of your business.


  • Battery and mains power options. (Battery life subject to update rates and sensors enabled)
  • upto 10km wireless range.
  • LoRaWAN network – a specialised IoT network designed for reliability and industrial/commercial use
  • Flexible IoT solution that can easily be added to in the future. (LoRaWAN sensors are available from a variety of suppliers and the system we install can easily be added to in the future including control outputs, relays/timers etc.)
  • Open Hardware – source code and hardware design available should you wish to support yourself or curious how things work.


Data collection is done through a LoRa enabled gateway and server solution. We can offer the following options:

  • Local Micro-server on-site for local logging and internal access to data.
  • VPS Cloud based hosting package. The first 12 months is free and then the cost is a low £30/month. This provides offsite backup of your data and remote access via a webpage login from anywhere in the world.
  • Both Local Server and Cloud based hosting package (preferred option). Gives you the best of both worlds, local storage, off-site backup and remote access.

Visual Dashboards

Data can be viewed through an interactive dashboard and used for plant/site monitoring and building automation. Our visual dashboards are built from a world beating open source package callled Grafana which gives you amazing dashboards that are highly configurable. Setup options include:

  • Automatic alerts/alarms based on threshold trips – email option
  • Automatic alerts/alarms based on threshold trips – SMS option
  • Export to .CSV spreadsheet option
  • And much much more… (due to the fact that this is open source software and supported by many 3rd party tools/plugins

At CDTek we offer the full package in conjunction with the OSM for your business which includes:

  1. Business survey for physical locations
  2. Install and setup required hardware
  3. Setup server and wireless infrastructure
  4. Setup visual dashboards and alerts based on your requirements
  5. Product training and handover


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