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Specialized & Industrial Units

Target-oriented developments for individual needs

In order to properly select the components of the Airocide® system and maximize operational efficiency, several factors need to be considered. This is especially true for special production and processing units, larger corporate spaces or premises. What target do you want to achieve by using the system?

  • It is important to determine what function the given room or plant performs? y What kind of problem do you want to use Airocide® in the first place (e.g. fungi, yeasts, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, etc.)?


  • HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system performance data, how much fresh air the system draws in (how much the flow rate is), how the air flows in the space, where the doors and windows are.


  • Definition of work processes (e.g. maturation, packaging, storage, etc.) to calculate the total volume, to specify the amount of treated air required.



  • How many hours should the total air flow through the Airocide® system, i.e. how much purified air is required.


Responses to special needs

  • equipment with a pre-filter for polluted air (HD range)
  • ultra-high-performance, faster air exchange machines (TITAN 100)
  • for places requiring waterproof equipment, higher degree of protection (GCS FG-100)
  • specialist growers needs – eg medicinal cannabis (AiroClean420)

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