Industry & Workplace

Offices & Meeting Rooms

Photo-catalytic Oxidation helps fuel the spark of creativity

COVID 19 has changed the world of work – we may never go back to the scene of crowded offices and shared workspace for some time to come.  Whilst homeworking and hot-desking is now an established part of the work offering, many of the world’s leading and progressive companies, like Google and Amazon realise that the spark of creativity is kindled best when people are allowed to get together and bounce ideas around, brainstorm and cultivate humour and culture collectively.  The shared workspace will also always be with us in one form or another.  Helping to make those spaces safer helps to maintain employee and customer confidence with direct contact and keep the flame of creativity burning.

While ventilation and air changes are important design considerations in modern buildings, its not always possible to balance heating and ventilation and retrofit optimum conditions into existing workspaces. Airocide can play a vital role in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) improvement actions.

Workshop & Factory Floor

Productivity and worker well-being are closely linked

The more physical nature of engineering, production and construction generates a different working environment from those of us in more sedentary roles.  Actively moving personnel, machinery, solvents, dusts, higher temperatures and humidity can all influence the workspace air quality.  Worker safety and well-being should always be a top priority for Management, but within a dynamic workspace, and even with best endeavours, it might not be possible to engineer optimum conditions at all times.  Productivity is so closely linked to the health and well-being of the work force that they should be considered as one and the same.  Deployment of Airocide PCO air sanitisation systems can form part of risk assessment and mitigation strategies for engineering workspaces when management are considering hazards relating to exposure.

Facilities Management

Make your facilities more marketable

For those of us charged with the responsibility of managing workspaces, there is a duty of care to provide the best possible environment for operations.  There are a number of considerations that potential customers will review and make judgements on in order to make their decision on whether to operate from within your facility.  As well as value per square metre, accessibility, parking, catering, leisure facilities and aesthetic appearance, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become a prime consideration.  Facilities which offer cleaned air through Aircocide can also utilise the NASA brand and all of the peer reviewed research papers as a benchmark of quality and standards.