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Air quality monitoring, energy efficiency, air purification, gas analysis

Airnergy offers smart ambient and indoor monitoring solutions, best-in-class air purification systems, and innovative gas analysis solutions, allowing rapid return on investment through energy savings and air quality improvements.

 Airnergy – Clean-Air Developments & Energy Saving Tech

Product Spotlight

Introducing Open Smart Monitor

Open Smart Monitor improves manufacturing by analyzing past and present data to optimize for the future.

We use open source tech to provide cost-effective and tailored solutions, while fostering transparency, innovation and flexibility.

Multi-component sensor used as a node on an IoT network

Take a closer look at the technology

Measured parameters









Use measurement to create a MAP to energy savings

M = Measure

A = Analyse

P = Plan

When managing a busy process, its difficult to find inefficiencies and identify losses. The OSM MAP helps find a route to improving energy saving

Airnergy = Clean Air & Energy Saving developments. Our aim is to help our customers care for the air and the energy that they share. Improving Air Quality and Energy Efficiency are all goals that we recognise as some of today’s top priorities.  In order to improve, we need to understand, and it all starts with measurement. Understanding our changing environment, through measuring the different physical and chemical components, allows us to see influencers, trends and warnings thus guiding us how and when to act to make and measure improvements.


Open Smart Monitor

Multi-component Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Indoor Air Quality Sensors

Multi-component Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensors, providing a wealth of qualitative ambient information. Base decisions for plant efficiency actions on live 24/7 measurement. A continuous energy consultant, not just a one-day snapshot

Data dashboards

View measured parameters internet enabled devices


View data from any device, PC, tablet, phone or whatever is coming next. Visualise trends and patterns of energy consumption or ambient improvements, be able to look back over time and identify problem areas and put improvement plans in place

Portable Gas Analysers
Gas analysers for quantitative investigation


Need specific, quantitative measurements of specific parameters? Analysers can provide the deeper investigation tool into a process at a molecular level. Talk to us about your measurement duty and we will advise on options

News & Studies

  • The Ever Increasing Rise of Energy Bills

    In the UK the cost of living is on the rise and so are energy bills. Many businesses have already seen this increase first hand and it is feared that small and medium sized businesses may struggle to afford their bills. Looking at the data from ofgem, the household energy price cap have seen a rise…

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  • How Open Smart Monitor can battle your unsustainably high energy Costs?

    Already this year, we are seeing reports that manufacturers will be forced to cut jobs or/and production due to high energy costs. This comes after ministers finalised the details of a revised scheme, which will come to light as early as this week. Business (Businesses) within the UK already have energy cost support from the…

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  • COVID Destruction Technology – “C D Tek”

    MRI Global demonstrated that Airocide devices could eliminate and neutralize infectious SARS-CoV-2. MRIGlobal is a Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory located in Kansas City, MO. The experimental phase of this project was initiated by MRIGlobal on July 27,2021 and concluded on August 1, 2021, and demonstrated the ability of the Airocide product line to eliminate and…

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  • Institut Pastuer Research

    The report conclusively determines that the virus WAS NOT present once it had passed through the reaction chamber. This is good news on the continued fight with Covid 19 – read more…

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With every exhaled breath, whatever can be airborne is airborne. Bacterial meningitis, influenza, tuberculosis and strep throat, just to name a few.

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Fresh food

As a grower, you wage a battle not only against the elements, but also airborne contaminants. From ethylene, to cross-contamination from mold spores, bacteria and mycotoxins…

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Health & fitness centres

In an industry where overall health is of key importance to everyone involved, the presence of Airocide® Bioconversion Technology is a must.

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