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Airnergy = Clean Air & Energy Saving developments. Our aim is to help our customers care for the air and the energy that they share. Improving Air Quality and Energy Efficiency are all goals that we recognise as some of today’s top priorities.  In order to improve, we need to understand, and it all starts with measurement. Understanding our changing environment, through measuring the different physical and chemical components, allows us to see influencers, trends and warnings thus guiding us how and when to act to make and measure improvements.

Ainergy’s origins are in industrial emissions measurement. As industry is the major polluter in our world, this is has been a highly regulated area for many years.  Those involved have tracked and anticipated the technical challenges required for regulatory compliance in this market.  Regulation for the indoor environment is going through a similar period of evolution and will in due course require reliable and economically acceptable measurement solutions in order to develop the desired benefits.

Airnergy offers smart ambient and indoor monitoring solutions, and best-in-class air purification systems, allowing rapid return on investment through energy savings and air quality improvements.

 Airnergy – Clean-air Developments & Energy Saving Ideas

Introducing Airocide – catalytically different

Airocide, the only NASA developed and certified air purification technology on the market. It uses cutting edge science that has been proven to eradicate everything from airborne asthmagens and allergens, to dust mites and pet dander. It has even been clinically proven to destroy coronavirus families, MRSA, and Anthrax spores. The Airocide air purifier destroys organic matter both large and small, especially viruses and VOCs (organic gases).

Proven protection against airborne COVID transmission –

Take a closer look at the technology

NASA Technology for the home, workspace and industry

A little over a decade ago NASA developed an air purification device specifically designed to eliminate organic gases from the space station. Initially they went after the smallest kind – ethylene gas – given off by plants they were experimenting with in earth orbit. Today this technology is known as Airocide and it’s in use in food processing centers like Del Monte to destroy airborne microbes and gases, in wine caves like Shafer to destroy mould. It’s used by food chains like Whole Foods. It’s found in doctor’s and dentist’s offices, even schools to prevent infection from airborne viruses and bacteria. And now it’s available for use in your home.

Filter technology vs Airocide technology

Filters do not eliminate all organic pollutants and pathogens from the air, as the smallest contaminants pass through even the finest filters. Airocide’s filterless technology can kill 100% of organic contaminants and pathogens regardless of size.

Comparison of Filters drawbacks vs Airocide

HEPA Filters – 0.3 microns so unsuitable for very small contaminants of pathogens such as viruses or VOCs
UV Technology – harmful to eyes and skin whilst producing ozone and only effective against pathogens in the immediate vicinity
Ozone Technology – produces ozone which at a certain concentration can be dangerous to the health of both humans and pets
Electrostatic air washer – high maintenance requires weekly disc cleaning with filters replaced 3-4 times per year.

Airocide is an uncompromising solution combining all the advantages of the technologies above without any of their disadvantages



Home Unit Airocide® was designed for the modern home. These units are specifically designed to disinfect smaller airspaces. In addition to revolutionary NASA technology, the sleek design was given great emphasis to make Airocide® the perfect choice for your home. Using the process of Photocatalytic Oxidation



Airocide for the Workplace Clean air even in busier environments.

The Airocide® PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) air purifier is an air disinfection solution that cleans the air without filters, removes pathogens, even on an industrial scale.



In order to properly select the components of the Airocide® system and maximize operational efficiency, several factors need to be considered. This is especially true for special production and processing units, larger corporate spaces or premises. What target do you want to achieve by using the system?


News & Studies

  • COVID Destruction Technology – “C D Tek”

    MRI Global demonstrated that Airocide devices could eliminate and neutralize infectious SARS-CoV-2. MRIGlobal is a Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory located in Kansas City, MO. The experimental phase of this project was initiated by MRIGlobal on July 27,2021 and concluded on August 1, 2021, and demonstrated the ability of the Airocide product line to eliminate and…

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  • Institut Pastuer Research

    The report conclusively determines that the virus WAS NOT present once it had passed through the reaction chamber. This is good news on the continued fight with Covid 19 – read more…

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  • The Academic Research – selected summary

    There has been much academic research conducted regarding Airocide effectiveness. We selected some of that research and they are provided here for download.

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  • MERS: The Other Deadly Coronavirus

    Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is caused by a coronavirus called the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus. Appropriate nomenclature in your author’s humble opinion. Once the virus successfully infects a human host, the symptoms are severe fever, cough, and shortness of breath. In some cases there were gastrointestinal symptoms reported. Unfortunately, four out of ten…

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With every exhaled breath, whatever can be airborne is airborne. Bacterial meningitis, influenza, tuberculosis and strep throat, just to name a few.

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Fresh food

As a grower, you wage a battle not only against the elements, but also airborne contaminants. From ethylene, to cross-contamination from mold spores, bacteria and mycotoxins…

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Health & fitness centres

In an industry where overall health is of key importance to everyone involved, the presence of Airocide® Bioconversion Technology is a must.

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